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How We're Making a Difference

Healthier People, Safer Communities

Zephrex-D was developed with a mission: to ensure fast, effective relief from nasal congestion while helping to eliminate meth labs for good.

Illegal meth production is responsible for:

  • Increased crime rates

  • Explosions and fires

  • Injuries and hospitalizations for first responders

  • Expensive hazardous cleanups using taxpayer funding

It’s estimated that illegal meth production costs American taxpayers as much as $48.3 billion each year.

Only Zephrex-D stops the most common method of illegal meth production, and significantly inhibits all others used today.


Zephrex-D is proud to support K9s4COPs — a not-for-profit organization dedicated to donating K9s to law enforcement agencies and school districts across the nation.